Sell Pop Art Online

45113851_mWhen one thinks of Pop Art, the names Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns come to mind. Back in the day, the fine art connoisseurs around the world frowned upon their avant-garde approach to art, yet their form of expression created a huge stir amongst, who are now coined a pop art buyer.

Pop Art takes traditional fine art and blends it with modern elements, such as advertising, graffiti, popular culture and comic books to name but a few. Advertising being the leading agent mix in Pop Art, especially in the 1950’s when it reared it’s brave head. An example of a familiar art piece that blends advertising with a modern flair is Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. This piece became a real hit in its time. – The Premiere Pop Art Buyer

Whether you see yourself as a pop art buyer, seeking that particular and well known piece of Pop Art or want something fresh and new, will have it or source it. You may even want to go through grandmother’s cupboard as she could have some pieces of memorabilia in the Pop Art genre lurking in the shadows. Who knows, you may be sitting on a pretty fortune!

Unlike the Dada form of art, very similar to Pop Art, and did supersede it, Pop Art appeals to a greater audience and pop art buyer. Leaning away from the heavy political aim of Dada, Pop Art tends to take everyday, mundane reality and fuse it with parody and irony.  A combination that calls to the Millennial of our generation! And the Millennial, the 20 something age group, are the ones you want to target with Pop Art sales. While a very old form of art, it hasn’t gone out of fashion, in fact, the Millennials probably think it’s a brand new genre all on its own.

If you can spot a good piece of Pop Art and flog it off at a decent price, you will be looking at a very lucrative career. Next time you come across that special art piece and it cries out Pop Art, bring it on over to and have a valuation performed.