Sell Designer Eyewear & Sunglasses

40541388_mHigh End Eyewear is all the latest rage. From Dior to Oakley, from Ray Ban to Cutler and Gross, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury eyewear. No longer is it just the whose who in Hollywood that are sporting the fashionable face wear.

Nowadays you too can look the part. Sunglasses and spectacles can add to your overall look, giving you, either that sophisticated flair or professional poise. Whatever your vogue pose, there is a pair of eyewear for you., your premium eyewear buyer, can offer you either a vast range of high-end eyewear or the opportunity to sell your much-loved possession.

This is all done on a pawn online, easy to navigate website.

Need Extra Cash? – 

Why would you want to take the plunge and say “pawn my eyewear”? What’s the deal with that?  Well, as we all know, there comes a time in a person’s life, when you need that extra cash, need to get by for a few months before the big deal hits your desk.  When that time comes you will need an eyewear buyer.


A Few Pointers to Remember When Considering Selling

  • Ensure your eyewear is in good shape i.e. no scratches, chips or broken parts
  • Ensure your eyewear has its original packaging or box
  • Ensure that you include any accessories that the original eyewear came with

A good condition high-end pair of Gucci’s will fetch much more than a sad, well-used pair.

Ways to keep your eyewear in good condition for your selling experience to be a good one:

  • Always put your eyewear back into its container or holder after usage
  • Ensure you clean your eyewear daily with a soft chammy-type cloth and a light spray of specific lense cleaner
  • Avoid placing your sunglasses or spectacles on a string around your neck – it may bump and scratch against your buttons or jewelry
  • Avoid placing your sunglasses on your head – the chance of it falling off is high

So, move over Beyoncé with your Oliver Peoples.  Step to one side Kourtney Kardashian as you flick your hair back with those Dita shades.

Move in you with your Versace full-face lookers. Yes, keep those beauties on as you walk away from that bank loan. Swing your arms freely as you shout to the highest buildings, “sell my eyewear”.

Know that as you walk away, with your head held high, that you dealt with the best eyewear buyer on the market today.