The sentiment of “diamonds are forever” is changing over times, that why so many are reaching out to our Diamond Buyers. Many people even the most sentimental ones do not hesitate to part with their diamonds in return for cash in a distressing situation or for unworn diamonds you just want to sell for cash to use for something else.


 Sell Diamonds with Diamond Buyers

Diamonds have been considered precious for time immemorial. Also a classic well cut stone is ageless, unaffected with the passage of time and beyond the concepts of change of fashion Along with that, the value also has increased tremendously. Because of the consistent demand in the market, the money lavished on this precious stone can be considered worthwhile. Hence diamond buyers understand how important it is for you to sell your diamonds and offers the best in return. We go by GIA grading standards with all Diamond purchases so our diamond buyers are all qualified to grade your stones.

Since nothing can replace liquid cash and hard times can hit anyone without warning, think about ring pawn when considering selling your diamond online.

GIA Certification for Your Diamonds

When you are thinking, “let me pawn my diamonds”, or “sell my diamonds”, bear in mind the following factors that determine the quality of your precious stone- cut, carat, color and clarity and finally certification. A diamond with the certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will fetch you more money than the one without. GIA has exemplary uncompromising standards widely accepted all over the world and therefore such an accreditation guarantees the best and most accurate appraisal for your diamonds on evaluation. Our Diamond Buyers can answer any questions you may have about the process so call today! Strives for Your Satisfaction and Happiness

Every single step of the transaction, whether you wish to sell or pawn online, there is 100% guarantee for your privacy and comfort. Our friendly staff will courteously offer any assistance that you may need. Without any undue hassle, the process is finished smoothly and quickly. For proving legitimacy and to add value, if you present the original box and the associated paperwork along with GIA certification, our diamond buyers guarantee you the highest price offered in the market. After all we do strive for your satisfaction and happiness.

Allow us to put in a reminder, if you are having thoughts like “how can I sell my diamonds or pawn my diamonds, it belongs to my grandmother”, let us inform you, anything of sentimental value has added money value on appraisal. So you will not stand to lose out on money.

Various Cuts of Diamonds and Jewelry Brands

Just to give you an awareness the various cuts of diamonds that are popular are round, heart, oval, pear, cushion, marquise, princess radiant etc. to name a few. Also bear in mind a few of the favorite jewelry brands specializing in diamond jewelry are:

  • Cartier
  • DeBeers
  • Tiffany
  • Bulgari
  • Tacori
  • David Yurman
  • David Webb
  • Blue Nile

The rankings of these brands are essentially based on the product quality, design and consumer recognition. So if you own any of these types of precious diamond jewelry, and are in need of urgent cash; strike a deal with now and sell online or in person without hesitation. What are you waiting on ladies?

Discretion is our other name, and we guarantee you a safe and secure transaction without any complications. So entrust us with the dealing of your priceless possession and sell at