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You are an addict. You have stood up and admitted to the world that you have a problem. You have an addiction. And that addiction is shoes. Not just any shoes but very high-end designer shoes.

No fret!  You are not alone in this addictive behavior and now, the best high-end designer shoes buyer can help you get handsome cash for your designer shoes.

Look at the likes of Angelina Jolie who has been seen sporting a lovely shiny pair of black Paris heels by Saint Laurent. How about Bella Heathcote, who looked quite fetching in her new ankle strapping heels by Tamara Mellon aptly called Secret Date.  And who could leave out Rita Ora in her devilishly red Stuart Weitzman strappy sandals?

If you are aaahing and oohing over these very high-end designer heels then you most probably own a few pairs yourself.  And if you own a few pairs you know how much these high-end heels can set your bank balance back. Further, you know that, when you are in dire straits and that once full bank balance is looking pitifully sad, you may need to take desperate measures.

Most of us would turn to the bank, a lending company or possibly a friend, in the hopes that we can borrow some cash. The problem with the institution route is that you will end up paying back almost three times the original loan. With friends or family loaning there is the risk of losing a good contact should you not be able to pay back that loan. Both options are very unappealing.

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