What We buy

Come & Sell your Diamond to the most trusted Diamond buyer online or set appointment to visit us today!

We are looking to assist all individuals in Atlanta and abroad  in selling unwanted luxury items. We love Jewelry and Diamonds and that passion is passed along to our customers when making offers on their beloved items. Don’t make the mistake of selling or getting a loan from the wrong company; get the peace of mind that our lovely team  are doing everything humanly possible to make sure your needs are met and more than satisfied. We go by GIA standards on all stones we purchase so you know how we will be grading your Diamond as the industries most trusted diamond buyer.


If you do not wish to be hassled with the burden of a loan, we are ready to help you with the cash you need by offering the best price for your high end valuables. You may want to sell online with Our friendly  Buyers are always at your service, ready to assist you in every way possible. So put your trust in us confidently, and walk away with only satisfaction and a pocket full of cash and lets leave the regret to the other guys

Fair Evaluation of Your Valuables

Our experts do evaluation of your high end valuables very fairly after thorough research and you will be offered the highest price for your asset. Our friendly and courteous team members assist you in each and every step throughout the transaction. We take utmost care to ascertain maximum discretion and privacy for you and maintain the confidentiality throughout the process. It is a transaction that is completed fast and smooth – after all you have chosen the best.

What to sell with

As pointed out above, we are valued as diamond buyers & jewelry buyers and we welcome any sale of jewelry in gold silver or platinum.  Whenever a thought strikes your mind, “I can sell my diamonds or sell my watch”, don’t look further. We pay the most for all diamonds in any shape or size and Swiss time pieces. We also offer the best price for US coins and bullion, Luxury brand purses, Apple products like computer, tablets, smartphones and much more.

Designer pieces of jewelry, Diamonds, handbags, purses and luggage will fetch you an excellent price as we are looking for the top brands to provide our buyers. Whenever the need of money pushes you to think, “sell my high-end high heels, or sell my high-end purse”, remember, we are there for you as the only honest online buyers and will never let you be disappointed with low offers like your local corner pawn shop or buyers. In case you wish to sell your collectibles to us like vintage toys, train sets, paintings and other assorted memorabilia, we get them evaluated first by our experts and have an offer ready in just hours. Our Diamond Buyers also pay the most in the industry for 1 carat plus diamonds.

We love to buy antique pieces too, both jewelry and collectible, so if you decide to part with such items, be our guest. All your high end valuables which have to undergo professional appraisal are insured ensuring utmost security throughout the process. We pride ourselves in being fair in all our dealings, keeping your satisfaction as our priority. We never turn away or disappoint any of our customers approaching us with hope. So get your quote today and get the cash for your unwanted luxury items you truly deserve!