How It Works: Sell Luxury Goods Online

You are in dire need of cash for your business, personal life, vacation, medical needs or education.
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Don’t fret, just visit and sell your luxury items online or visit our offices. Allow our friendly team to assist you in your crisis or just sell unused items you do not wear anymore!

List the assets (jewelry/collectibles) you wish to sell online. Our expert team does the valuation of your high-end valuables. The only other document we require from you is either a valid driver’s licence or a valid US passport. You are all set to get an instant cash. The procedure is very simple and straightforward designed with your convenience in mind. All the transactions are made possible online and, If you are looking for the highest payout, you know a woman with a love for the product will pay more than your crude corner pawn shop.

Every Customer – A Valuable Asset and that’s how we are going to treat you through the selling process. – Trustworthy Jewelry Buyer & Seller

If you are looking for ready cash without repayment, we give you the option of selling your valuables to us. Rest assured, we are highly respected jewelry and diamond buyers, and guarantee to offer you the highest price for your asset, so you will have no regrets later. We do pride ourselves in having a good collection of high quality jewelry, diamonds and other collectibles for sale, at discounted prices too! We do deal with the buying/ selling of old US coins at excellent prices as well as gold and silver bullion. We are also G.I.A. certified Diamond buyers online and in person at our local offices.

How It Works in 4 Easy Steps When You Sell Online

  1. Give the details of the item you wish to Sell online
  2. Evaluation and appraisal of the item by our experts
  3. Handover your item via FEDEX insured shipping
  4. You receive the mutually agreed amount as cash or check



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